Family Essentials Oil Pack - The All Round Must Have Set

If you’re thinking about trying out the DoTERRA oil range there is no better way to start than with the family essentials set. It has everything you need to start your oily journey and just look at some of the amazing things you can do with the included oils!... 1) Peppermint = invigorating! ✔Great for tummy troubles, tension in the head area or when you are feeling warm and want to cool down! ✔Spiders, ants and other creepy crawlies hate it so it's a great repellent. ✔And it's delish in chocolate and other deserts! 2) Lemon = cleansing! ✔Add a drop to your water for a gentle detox ✔Diffuse to clean the air or uplift your mood (especially with peppermint). ✔Replace commercial sprays wi

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish - Oh My!

I have discovered a BEAUTIFUL cruelty free and vegan nail polish range that is gorgeous! Morgan Taylor, thank you for this beautiful “let them eat cake” shade. It’s a wonderful party lacquer! Would you like it if Vegan Chic added nail services to our menu? Let me know! 🤗 VChic

Hangovers suck... Let’s get rid of them!

We all know that horrible toxic feeling that you get after that big day of celebrating - to put it mildly, it’s rank. Well here’s a recipe for hangovers that should help your body to eliminate the toxins more efficiently, and get you back to feeling human again. HANGOVER HELPER TOPICAL BLEND In a rollerball (if you have one) or just a glass or ceramic container of any type add the following oils: 5 drops Peppermint 5 drops Ginger 5 drops Lemon 5 drops Wild Orange 5 drops Grapefruit Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 10ml roller or simply add 9ml to the container you have your oil blend in. Apply a dot to the upper abdomen, over the liver or back of the neck, and massage in. Drink plenty

Makeup Pack Offer - LIMITED TIME

I have just a few of these packages to give away. This makeup pack with bonus products is an amazing offer that ANYONE (in Australia) can claim - all you have to do is send me a message or post "I WANT IT" below. First in - first serve. Once stocks of the surprise and delight pack are out, or I run out of discount vouchers to create this pack, that's it. Over 50% off and full of all your makeup essentials, plus more! (you get to choose the colours you want). So what are you waiting for? Comment, or message me by clicking on the image below ASAP - you don't want to miss this one.

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Products and services blog to support conscious consumers in their pursuit for cruelty free (vegan) beauty, health and lifestyle.

December Savings!!

Christmas is coming which is a WONDERFUL thing, but let's face it - Christmas often comes hand in hand with stress. If the thought of the silly season leaves you feeling a little flat... I want to help you out. For December I'm offering ALL my wellness services at 40% OFF the regular price! Simply book yourself in for a December massage via the online booking portal and know that you will only need to pay the discounted price when you come to your appointment. I will email you after your booking to confirm this too. What about the parties though!? Yes, it is party season and the Vegan Chic has your back on this one too! For December beauty bookings, take 25% off the regular price! Same as be

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