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Personal LED Mask - trusted by Australia’s most acclaimed beauty industry professionals, celebrities and 1,000’s of personal home users worldwide.


• Highest quality and Powerful Medical Grade LED Light therapy mask that is Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods listed (buyer beware of LED Products not listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).

• Aduro Australia is TRUSTED for use in OVER 130 PROFESSIONAL SKIN CLINICS IN AUSTRALIA by medical professionals, Professional skin therapists, cosmetics doctors, dermal therapists, beauty therapists and naturopaths for Safety and results driven Innovative Technology.

• Made of medical grade silicon, it is designed to be the best and safest material for use on the skin and can be used ALL OVER THE BODY.

• Pain free with no hidden nasty chemicals, ADURO do not use BPA’s, Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Proplene Glycol in any of our products for your health and safety.

• Create your own professional Hydration LED facial experience at home using Lèkura Hydraboost Serum.

• Black goggles/eyewear are provided with your purchase as the mask is very powerful. Aduro recommend that you use your goggles during your LED facials and do not stare directly into the light.

• 11 different treatment settings in one mask delivering unrivalled functionality and treatment options you can use all year round and even share with your family with a gentle wipe down with a clean damp cloth after each use:

❤️ Promote Anti-ageing – Increased hydration from the inside out, firming effect to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skins surface, promote production of Collagen and Elastin fibers, great for preventative ageing as well as active ageing and repair.

💙 Promote Anti-acne – Oxygenating photon energy to rid the skin of p-acne causing bacteria for clear skin, great for skin looking to break the acne cycle.

💚 Promote Even Skin Tone – Helps to even out skin pigmentation and redness, great for skin looking for a whitening and brightening effect.

💛 Promote Redness Reduction – Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, mild eczema & mild psoriasis, sunburn, great for skins prone to redness and sensitivity.

💧 Promote Soothing – Calming and purifying, great for teenage skins that have been using stripping cleansers with angry pimples and breakouts.

🍊 Promote Revitalisation – Combines Red and Yellow, great for skins age 40+ prone to redness, dry skin and ageing.

💜 Promote Cell Rejuvenation – Combines Red and Blue, great for skins age 20+ prone to adult acne and looking to preventative ageing.

💓 Promote Skin Boosting – Combines Red and Near Infra-red, great for deep anti-ageing, deep healing, post operative repair. Skin Boosting technology, to penetrate deeper into the skin with our deepest treatment ‘Skin Booster’.

💙 💓 Pain Blocker – Combines Blue and Near-Infra-red, great for cystic acne, the combination is known to promote NO production for pain relief.

🌏 Daily dose – Cycles through all light wavelengths, known as a great overall wellness setting and for overall wellbeing mimicking natural sunlight without damaging UV rays. Light therapy is known for its effect against Seasonal Affective Disorder ‘SAD’.

🌕 Quick fix – Cycles through the red, oranges and yellows for a glowing complexion.

The long term effects experienced by users of the Aduro Australia facial therapy mask is glowing, hydrated, youthful, clear, more even toned skin within weeks of starting your LED light therapy treatment plan. Suitable for both Men and Women. The Aduro Australia LED-mask light treatment is pain free, non-invasive, requires no surgery and is a complete safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The light does not emit any harmful UV rays and is not a laser. This means that users require zero down time or recovery time after treatment. Light therapy is medically recognized and clinically proven. LED light therapy will not darken or tan the skin.

Recommended - purchase Lèkura Hydration Serum with this mask for optimum results!

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