Introducing PearlySmile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening!

Non-Peroxide & Low Peroxide Options

Non-Peroxide = No Pain or Sensitivity

Enlightened Beauty & Wellness is very excited to now offer you an all vegan professional in-salon Teeth Whitening treatment to lighten your teeth by 4 -12 shades!

PearlySmile is an LED activated professional teeth whitening system that is perfect for anyone wishing to brighten their smile without the usual pain and sensitivity that comes with the harsher process of high percentage peroxide whitening.

Results are instant, and home maintenance kits are available to keep your new beaming smile bright during the months that follow your salon treatment.

Here's an image of my very own results achieved in mid November 2019 using the non-peroxide treatment.


Whether you're planning a big event (wedding, birthday, holidays, etc) or simply wish you could get your teeth back to a brighter shade of white - this LED lightening treatment is for you. Of course, what's even more exciting is that this system is vegan friendly and completely cruelty free!

NON PEROXIDE TREATMENTS are the gentlest teeth whitening available - the PearlySmile Sodium Bicarbonate (SB) formula gently washes the red wine and coffee stains away to reveal visibly brighter teeth without causing sensitivity. This is the most popular treatment option due to its gentle process and great results.

  • SB doesn’t cause the same level of sensitivity as peroxide treatments.

  • SB doesn’t present the same kind of risks if inadvertently applied to a cracked or damaged tooth as peroxide treatments.

6% PEROXIDE TREATMENTS are for those who may have more significant staining or who really wish to achieve the brightest results possible. 6% peroxide is a much milder and less irritating solution than dentist grade treatments, however some transient discomfort may be experienced by some individuals. Read the customer review towards the end of this page to hear about her experience with PearlySmile 6% peroxide.

Regardless of which one you choose, the whole system works by lightening both the external staining from the surface of your teeth as well as the intrinsic staining from the enamel of your teeth.



After a comprehensive consultation, we will identify your suitability with In Salon Teeth Whitening, and which product would be best for you. 


No change at all? No Charge! It rarely happens but hey - everyone is different so our promise to you is;

If Enlightened Beauty & Wellness fails to achieve a perceivable brightening of your teeth, you don't pay. It's as simple as that.



With proper maintenance, your whiter and brighter smile can last 6-12 months, or even longer! Isn't it exciting that teeth whitening is no longer a luxury for the rich and famous!? 



Having teeth that are stained yellow, brown or grey is incredibly ageing and really stands out. Now everyone wants lighter teeth, whatever their age, background or gender! The PearlySmile treatments are already a very affordable alternative to high peroxide dental whitening, but we want to make it SUPER ACCESSIBLE for you! Your Pearly Smile is achievable for the LOW COST $89 for the non peroxide option, and $99 for the 6% peroxide! That's incredible value that's bound to put a smile on your face! 😁

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Amelia - Nov 2019

With my upcoming wedding fast approaching, I decided it was time to give my pearly whites some attention! 

Being a red wine/black coffee drinker, and an ex-smoker, my teeth were understandably discoloured. Having never had professional teeth whitening, Maree and I discussed the options, the anticipated results (6-12 shades lighter) and the differences between using natural or peroxide based products.  I opted to proceed with peroxide, as I wanted quick results that were visibly lighter.

On the day of the treatment, Maree stepped me through each stage, explaining what the products were for and how to apply them. While waiting for the peroxide to process (20 mins), I relaxed in the serenity of the beauty room, with the LED mask applied to process the product.  Initially I didn’t feel much at all, just a kind of fizzing in my gums, however half way through the processing time my gums became moderately uncomfortable, which lasted approximately 5 minutes and then reduced.

The end result of the treatment was that my teeth are 9 shades lighter and I couldn’t be more stoked!!  My teeth are undoubtedly the lightest they have been since I was a teenager... which is some time ago!! My teeth also feel like they have just been professionally cleaned which is an added bonus!

I opted for the after-care package which maintains and continues the whitening process at home.  The gel in the whitening pen, used to target specific areas, took a little while to come through, otherwise these products are really easy to use at home.  

Overall, this treatment achieved the results I was hoping for - much lighter, but natural looking, teeth!


Thanks so much Maree, you’re the best!! 😁


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Information & Assurances

  • Enlightened Beauty & Wellness and employee(s) do not claim to provide Dentist or Dental Assistant services.

  • Enlightened Beauty & Wellness is fully trained and insured to facilitate these gentler cosmetic teeth whitening treatments with PearlySmile products.

  • A comprehensive consultation identifies if this treatment is right for you and your specific needs.

  • All PearlySmile cosmetic products comply fully with the AU legislation and have registration with NICNAS - however this whitening treatment is NOT intended as a dental treatment, and in no way replaces professional dental services. If you have known dental conditions or dental disease of any type, always consult your dentist before using a teeth whitening treatment or system.