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Skin O2 Hand Gel Sanitiser 500ML

Orders still available. Estimated dispatch 4 May.

Tough on Germs & Gentle on Skin Kills 99.99% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses without waterClinical Doctor’s formulaLess evaporation so it continues to fight contamination for longer.Gentle, non-drying formula (helps avoid trapping bacteria in dry skin cells)Stable, non-flammable formula- (safer for storage and transfers.)Main ingredients: Purified Green Tea Alcohol Plus Benzalkonium Chloride & Aloe Vera.Superior Strenght FormulaIngredients Facts :Purified Phenoxyethanol.Alcohol that is naturally derived from green tea. Phenoxyethanol is a germicidal and germistatic alcohol that prevents the growth of bacteria. 100% Scientifically proven to be a clinically effective alcohol to keep formulations free from bacteria.Benzalkonium chloride:Provides high standard skin cleansing. Often used as a wound disinfectant in surgical wipes. Organic compound composed of a tri-alcohol compound. An antimicrobial ingredient which often used as an antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-protozoal, in antiviral gels. Preferred as a skin cleanser and hand sanitiser formulations to prevent over drying to the skin which leads to trapped bacteria in dry skin cells. Superior ability to continue killing germs for hours after drying on the skin.