Hangovers suck... Let’s get rid of them!

We all know that horrible toxic feeling that you get after that big day of celebrating - to put it mildly, it’s rank. 

Well here’s a recipe for hangovers that should help your body to eliminate the toxins more efficiently, and get you back to feeling human again. 


In a rollerball (if you have one) or just a glass or ceramic container of any type add the following oils:

5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Ginger

5 drops Lemon

5 drops Wild Orange

5 drops Grapefruit

Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 10ml roller or simply add 9ml to the container you have your oil blend in. Apply a dot to the upper abdomen, over the liver or back of the neck, and massage in. Drink plenty of water!! Xx *Please note ~ Citrus Oils are photosensitive. Take care if using these oils topically while you’re out in the sun! If you have sensitive skin, dilute this blend further with more FCO and less Essential Oils. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test on your skin if you’re new to using oils on your skin. Start with less, you can always add more. 


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