Advanced Skin Rejuvenation anyone?

Look what’s NEW at the beauty room!!!

The HydraPeel FX treatment system combines Microdermabrasion and Infusion/HydraPeel options to deliver superior results to skin rejuvenation treatments.

A vortex of active ingredients are delivered deep into the epidermis to gently remove dead skin cells, speeding up the regeneration of healthy new cells and accelerating skin renewal.

Specific infusions of carefully selected ingredients will help treat a variety of skin concerns. From oily and acne prone skin, to sensitive or ageing skin - there is a treatment protocol and specific approach for each type.

Treatment options can range from diamond microdermabrasion and Vit B masks alone to combination treatments using Microderm and/or Hydraderm with AHA & antioxidant rich treatment infusions. This is a fully customizable skin treatment system that addresses your individual needs.

In general, we can clear impurities, fade sun damage and scarring, reduce inflammation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines - whilst increasing hydration levels for your healthiest complexion. This is all done using highly effective natural and completely safe ingredients that switch on your skins innate ability to heal, so the active ingredients and your own skin work together in returning your skin to good health.

I am SO EXCITED to have these incredible treatments available for you! I’m taking bookings now for FREE skin assessments to determine the correct treatment protocol for your skin

Email me now at to set up your obligation free assessment.

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