Essential oils for a healthy life

The more I use essential oils, the more I love them. They not only bring beautiful aromas to my day, they have also provided me with surprising benefits to how I feel physically and emotionally.

I say “surprising” because I was an essential oil cynic. I was sure that these somewhat “expensive little bottles of perfumed oil” were no more than that, something nice to smell, and the imagination did the rest (if anything!). So I started using them with zero expectations of any benefits beyond making me happy due to the smell.

Truth is... I was wrong! First of all - they’re not perfumed oil, they’re essential essences of plants, pure oils (when purchased from the right sources).

Secondly, I have found that using and applying the oils I have tried have not only helped me with emotional and physical ills, but they’ve helped others in my life too! I’m genuinely impressed to say the least!

I do firmly believe that oils are not created equal and it’s imperative that we use oils that are extremely high quality, because I’ve used the “Budget Barry” oils in the past and they did NADA, zip, nothing!

So that’s why, after much research, I settled on DoTERRA oils as I am confident in their R&D, extraction methods, and their quality control.

So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence about trying essential oils for your health and well-being, think again. I invite you to sample some oils with me and see what you think. Message me or comment below for an obligation free consultation and sample session.

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