Why Use Vegan and Natural Beauty Products?

Going vegan provides many amazing advantages rather than merely keeping up with the trend. Even outspoken celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce are inspiring their fans to start the vegan lifestyle for ethical, health, and environmental reasons.

In a report released by the vegan food industry, they revealed a 20% market growth from the past years. With the industry’s collective sales peaking at more than $3 billion, you can say that more and more people are opting for the vegan lifestyle.

The demand for vegan options is not only limited to food and clothing but for cosmetics too, like Arbonne’s vegan products. Many advocates claim that beauty goes along with food because they both share the same ingredients. Indeed, if something is safe and good to eat, then it’s highly likely that they’re also great for topical applications.

Veganism is proving to be successful in pushing people to check what’s in their cosmetic products. Instead of blindly buying the most popular brand, people start to ask questions and find out what is in the beauty products that they’re buying, and who they were tested on. For the vegan beauty advocates, this is something very empowering. This is enough reason to switch to vegan beauty products.

The terms ‘vegan’ and cruelty-free’ may be closely related, but they don’t mean the same thing. The former means beauty products without animal ingredients. The latter, on the other hand, are beauty products that are not tested on animals. Despite the difference in their definition, both can be considered more ethically sourced products.

The use of animals either for research or as ingredients in beauty products may be viewed as necessary by some (those who are bringing these products into the market), but it does mean that it’s ethical. While animal experiments are used to study diseases and develop new medicines, these tests cause harm and excruciating pain to the animals.

These processes also reduce an animal’s quality of life in different ways. Even if they are released after testing, they may experience long-lasting health repercussions. The same goes for using animals as ingredients of beauty products — if using them in tests is unethical, how much more if you kill them to be turned into mere ingredients?

This is why it’s important to choose vegan and cruelty-free brands like Arbonne’s vegan products. Today, you can take care of your skin without supporting brands that conduct animal testing due to the many cruelty-free and vegan products on the market.

If you choose vegan and natural beauty products like Arbonne’s vegan products, you are not only exercising your freedom to choose, but you are also empowering yourself to choose products that align with your personal values — not to mention the positive effects it can have on your skin.

As you continue to remain vegan in everything you use, you also significantly contribute to the efforts of environmental and animal rights advocates. You’re also doing your share in lessening the carbon footprint being released into the environment, while also saving these animals from the worst kind of cruelty. Countless animals will be spared from harm due to your choices.

Using vegan products may be a small act for you, but you must know that being part of something bigger than yourself is something you can be very proud of. If all that’s involved is choosing one product off of the shelf rather than the other, why not make that simple and easy choice?

If you’re ready to shift to a vegan lifestyle, you can start with changing the cosmetics you use. If you want to dedicate your time to helping animals lead happier lives every day, you can also look for animal sanctuary jobs at places like Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, who save animals from the testing and agriculture industries. You can be an on-site volunteer who’ll be tasked to care for the animals and maintain the farm. Don’t worry if you’re not well-versed in farm-related tasks as people in the vegan community are always there to help and support one another.

For more vegan-related advice, tips, and tricks check out what the vegan marketers at Ardor SEO are up to! We are proud to support ethical and compassionate companies like Vegan Chic Life, and hope you will too.

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