Two Vegan Sisters - Animal Anthems CD

Two beautifully big hearted ladies bursting with love for animals, have poured their hearts and musical talent into a brand new album - Animal Anthems! This album is super fun to listen to and educational too! You HAVE to listen to “I’m a Slug” - we ❤️ it, and all the songs! Check out the music sampler at the bottom of this post!

Two Vegan Sisters have just released their debut album, “Animal Anthems” and the CD has 8 songs about Animals for children and their parents to enjoy.

Did you know that Elephants have been around for 15 million years?

Or that Chickens love to count and they dream – just like we do?

What about the 20,000 Ant species there are in the world today?

Did you know that if Slugs lose an eye, another eye grows in its place?

Animals are so fascinating and Two Vegan Sisters aim to share interesting facts about them with everyone in a fun way - with music!

CDs are $14.99 each. Postage is AUD$3.00 flat rate within Australia (unlimited number of CDs) and AUD$10.00 flat rate for international customers (also unlimited number of CDs).

Here is the link to listen to samples of each song: Here is a link to purchase the Animal Anthems CD:

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