Transform your skin and heal from within with guided meditation & results driven skin treatment.

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What To Expect

THE LUXURY ULTIMATE GLOW FACIAL will take around 60 minutes and includes a Pro Dermal Skin Correcting Enzyme Peel plus Healing LED treatment with Guided Meditation & Head Massage.


Treatment starts with a comprehensive skin assessment where your therapists chooses the correct peel for your skin needs. A double cleanse, followed by an ultrasonic boosted manual exfoliation preps the skin perfectly for deep penetration of the actives in the peel to follow. Your enzyme peel is applied and your skin is professionally monitored - ensuring that the peel stays on for the perfect amount of time for optimum results. After the peel, your skin is calmed with a treatment enhancing serum and a cool finishing mask is applied, your lips are treated to an oil infused sugar scrub and your mask is deeply infested with an ultrasonic rose quartz roller. After the mask is removed, your eyes are covered with soft cotton rounds and opaque LED eye protector discs are popped on top of those. Your LED treatment & guided meditation commences whilst I proceed with a shoulder, neck, and head massage. Many clients fall asleep during this stage as the combination of gentle massage & meditation encourages them into deep relaxation and letting go of all resistance. Once the LED is finished, skin-specific serums and moisturisers are chosen and applied, along with eye cream, and finished with SPF.


You will be left with visibly brighter, hydrated and rejuvenated skin, and a sense of true relaxation.



Maree is an amazing beautician. Her clinic is a sanctuary, and she is fabulous with my 14 Yr old

daughter who has her legs waxed regularly by Maree. She has also started treatment with a series of

facials for problem teenage skin, after which my daughter is left feeling on cloud 9, but also with

glowing, and noticeably calmer skin. I can't praise Maree enough, she is professional, kind, funny, and

very knowledgeable. I can't wait for my turn next! We are very lucky to have such a first-rate, vegan, chemical-free wellness clinic in our community.



Absolutely divine facials with the ultimate in relaxing environments. The treatment bed is extra wide

and adds that extra element to the whole amazing experience. A repeat customer who is very satisfied with all the extra touches Maree adds to each visit.



Maree truly is the best facialist I have ever been to. She is professional, hygienic, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. I have super sensitive skin and it was in desperate need of some TLC! Maree gave me a microderm facial, with ultrasonic extractions (omg this was amazing!), LED, and a skin-calming finishing mask. My skin looked and felt like a million dollars afterward and I have rebooked for another 6 weeks in. Thank you, Maree, for making my skin look beautiful after being in the harsh Pilbara climate.

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